Monday, July 13, 2020
A web service that converts measurements. Enter a value in any of the textboxes below and then click on "Covert".

Inches <-> Centimeters
Pounds <-> Kilograms

About the program:

The Converter Web Service is a .NET web service that converts between different measurements.

The following files are used in this program:

  1. converterservice.asmx: A service that converts lbs and inches to kilograms and centimeters. You can access the actual service here:
  2. ConverterService.dll: The compiled proxy library to access the Converter service. The aspx client needs this library in order to access the Converter web service. This library is created the same way as the BmiService.dll library.
  3. converterclient.aspx: This aspx page acts as the client to the web services.

April 27, 2003

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