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Bug in 2005?
By: douglas - Misc - 12/14/2007 6:37:16 PM

In 2005:

  1. Create a dataset file
  2. Drop a database table in the dataset
  3. Generate stored procedures
  4. Generate database insert, update, delete methods
  5. Close dataset file
  6. Open dataset file
  7. Configure dataset
  8. Go through wizard
  9. Now the generator does not generate the insert, update and delete methods
  10. This also happens if you create a new data set based on existing stored procedures

Possible workaround:

Creating a new TableAdapter in the DataSet Designer by right-clicking on the designer surface and choosing Add->TableAdapter. Then go through the wizard choosing Use Existing Stored Procedures. The checkbox will still be disabled but it will be checked and the DBDirect methods will be created. You will also be able to turn on/off the GenerateDBDirectMethods property in the properties window by following this workaround.

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